Pavilion building being built in BB Centrum for Elijáš Christian School

The Elijáš Christian Primary and Nursery school, which is part of the multifunctional BB Centrum complex in Prague 4, will be expanding to include a high school from 1 September 2018. In connection with this project, the carcase of a pavilion with a useful area of around 1000 m2 has currently been completed across from the school building. This will be used for the students’ dining and leisure activities, thereby freeing up capacity in the existing primary school for establishing another level of education. The investor in the construction of the pavilion is the
non-profit organisation Maranatha z.s., and the construction is being done 
by Porr a.s. The expenses for the construction will reach 35 million crowns.

The pavilion building has a useful area of around 1000 m2 and is surrounded by 619 m2 of greenery and supplementary elements such as pavements, terraces, etc. Students and staff will have a dining room and the related cooking facilities, activity rooms and staff facilities, change rooms and sanitary facilities in the new building.

There are currently 206 students attending the primary school and 40 children attending the nursery school and the expenses for their operations since they were founded, i.e. from 2008, has exceeded 175 million crowns. The pavilion will be opening at the beginning of the new school year, i.e. from 3 September 2018, together with the launch of the new high school. Now, since 1 September 2017, it bears the name Elijáš Christian High School, Primary School and Nursery School.

The founder of the school is the non-profit organisation Maranatha, which was established in 2002 by Radim Passer, the developer of BB Centrum, and which is currently celebrating the 15th anniversary of its establishment. With this project it is supporting the organisation of the education of children and youth on a Christian basis and a healthy lifestyle. The educational authority is the Czech association of the
Seventh-day Adventist Church.